Carnosidad, Surfer’s Eye

What Is A Pterygium?

Pterygium is a benign, non-cancerous growth on the surface of the eye causing pain, vision loss and even blindness. Our Pterygium recurrence rate is the best in Los Angeles.

Thousands of people in the United States suffer silently from a Pterygium growing on their eye.  Although Pterygium growths are benign, the redness, irritation, pain and vision loss they cause are not.

A Pterygium is referred to as a carnosidad and Surfer’s Eye and is a wing-shaped, benign, non-cancerous growth on the surface of the eye. It can cause redness, irritation, and the feeling that something is always in your eye.  More severe cases can cause pain, vision loss, and even blindness.

Pterygium typically begins in the corner of the eye and, over time, grows over the white part of your eye (the sclera), extending toward the eye’s center where the pupil and iris are located. It can be pinkish-white (like the color of mucous) to pinkish to red in color and has the texture of fleshy tissue and can affect the eye slowly throughout life.

Pterygium Removal Surgery – Before & After

Pterygium Carnosidad Surfers Eye Before and After


Who Is Prone to Pterygium?

Pterygium is more common than you think.

Those who get Pterygium typically are adults between the ages of 20-40 living near the equator or in very sunny climates such as Los Angeles or the sunny confines of southern California.

A higher percentage of men get Pterygium than women.

It is more common in those with Latino ancestry, which is why they are also referred to as carnosidades, and also within the surfing community where Pterygium is referred to as Surfer’s Eye.

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Dr. Franz Michel is a UCLA-trained Cornea Surgeon specializing in Pterygium removal

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