100% De garantía contra recurrencia Doctor #1 de Los Angeles de Carnosidades El Dr. Franz Michel es un especialista de Pterigión
(carnosidad) con sede en Los Ángeles y opera la
mayor práctica de derivación de Pterigión en los
Estados Unidos. Oftalmológicamente certificado
de la Junta, especialista en córnea entrenado por
UCLA, habla inglés y español con fluidez.
DESCUBRE MÁS El Dr. Franz Michel es un especialista de
Pterigión (carnosidad) con sede en Los
Ángeles y opera la mayor práctica de
derivación de Pterigión en los Estados
Unidos. Oftalmológicamente certificado
de la Junta, especialista en córnea
entrenado por UCLA, habla inglés y
español con fluidez.

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Opción de referencia #1 para el oftalmólogo para la cirugía de pterigión

El Centro De Cirugía De Pterigión (Carnosidad)
Los Ángeles

Somos especialistas en el tratamiento de Pterigión (carnosidad, ojo de surfista) y tumores de la superficie ocular y dando esperanza a una condición difícil.

¡Somos verdaderos expertos!
¡Evitamos suturas!

¡Garantizamos la recurrencia!

Cirugía de pterigión

Cirugía de pterigión

Las gotas de lágrimas artificiales pueden ayudar con los síntomas de pterigión pero tratar la causa eliminando un pterigión ha ayudado a innumerables personas.

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Tasas de recurrencia <1%

Tasas de recurrencia < 1%

Es extremadamente raro que los crecimientos de pterigión (Carnosidad) vuelvan con nuestras excelentes técnicas quirúrgicas.

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Fotos de pterigion antes y después

Fotos de antes y después

¡Mira los resultados tu mismo! Ver cómo se veían los ojos de mis pacientes antes de la cirugía de pterigio y cómo se ven ahora después de la cirugía.

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Deshazte de tu pterigión para siempre, sin recurrencia

Deshazte de tu pterigión para siempre, sin recurrencia

Miles de personas en los Estados Unidos sufren de un pterigión (carnosidad, ojo de surfista) que crece en sus ojos. Si bien los crecimientos de pterigión son benignos, el enrojecimiento, la irritación, el dolor, la pérdida de la visión o la ceguera no lo son.

El Dr. Michel se ha ganado su reputación como «El Rey del Pterigio» por una buena razón. Ningún otro médico en los Estados Unidos puede acercarse a su dominio de la cirugía de pterigión y su tasa de recurrencia de <1%.

Si usted, un ser querido o un amigo sufre de pterigión, el Dr. Michel lo extirpará sin causarle dolor, no utilizará suturas de ningún tipo, y garantiza completamente contra la recurrencia de pterigión.

Como el principal médico de confianza de pterigión, los pacientes que se han sometido a una cirugía en otro lugar acuden al Dr. Michel cuando su pterigión vuelve a crecer.

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The experience with Dr Michel and his staff was great!

★★★★★Sergio H., Los Angeles

Dr Franz Michel removed my scar tissue (Pterygium Growth). The surgery was on my left eye which had already had the procedure by a different doctor earlier.  That doctor was horrible, but the experience with Dr Michel and his staff was great!  He did a whole lot and he always took time to explain; never in a rush!   He was more professional, and he is up to date with latest technologies and procedures.  My recovery was quick and only with minor discomfort.  If needed, I will definitely come back to see Dr. Michel and will recommend him wholeheartedly.


★★★★★Yolanda R., Los Angeles

Finding Dr. Michel was a blessing!  I’ve had pterygium in both eyes for 20+ years.  I wanted them removed, but (1) I was told that the rate of recurrence was 40-50% and (2)  I was terrified.  For these reasons, I decided to live with pterygium(s) even though I had intermittent eye pain.  I sit in front of a computer all day at work and my pterygiums flared up daily.  The constant comments from co-workers about my red eyes were embarrassing.  A few weeks ago I had a problem with my vision and went to urgent care (after-hours).  The doctor at urgent care said it was the pterygiums flaring up and referred me to an opthalmologist.  I researched, researched, researched and although I live in Los Angeles county and Dr. Michel is in Ventura county, I called for a consultation and traveled 3 hours round trip for a consult.  Dr. Michel informed me that it wasn’t pterygiums that were causing my vision problems.  I felt so comfortable and confident in Dr. Michel’s skill, I decided that if I was ever going have the pterygiums removed, now would be the time because there is no one better.  Dr. Michel explained his method of pterygium surgery and that it has a very low recurrence rate (less than 1%), there’s a quick recovery time AND MOST IMPORTANTLY — NO PAIN.  DR. MICHEL IS THE BEST!  He did a graft procedure and used glue — no stitches.  A few minutes before the procedure, I was given an oral sedative and my eye was numbed with drops.  I was sooo happy I did not feel a thing during the procedure and before I knew it, it was over.  I didn’t feel much pain during recovery either … mostly my eyeball was irritated and red; felt as if it was bruised, my eye was super-watery and sensitive to light for about 1.5 weeks.  Today marks the 2nd week since the surgery and my eye is white and feels great!  I will be going back to Dr. Michel in a couple of weeks to schedule surgery for the other eye.  Dr. Michel is a pro and he and his staff are absolutely wonderful, compassionate and professional.  They made me feel comfortable from the get-go and I am extremely happy and grateful that Dr. Michel performed the procedure.

Dr Michel is the PRO.

★★★★★Mark A., Thousand Oaks

Dr Michel is the PRO. You’ve probably come here to find a Dr. who you can really, really, really trust with one of your most valuable assets, your eyes. Due to years of glaring sun while surfing and years of dusty mountain bike riding I had to have pterygium surgery done in both eyes. I had another doctor do my left eye years ago and when I needed my right eye done recently, I wanted a different doctor. I just couldn’t have been happier with Dr. Michel. I also loved Naomi and Dr. Michel’s entire staff. They are a great reflection of his excellence. Though I was recovering well following my Friday surgery, I was surprised to get a thoughtful check up call from the Dr. himself on a Sunday! Go see Dr. Michel and rest easy knowing you have fallen into talented hands!

I will forever be grateful to Dr Michel and staff

★★★★★Kathy N., San Diego

If you have a pterygium, Dr Michel is the best doctor to help you with it.  I consulted with Dr Michel because of a recurrent pterygium in my right eye (the first unfortunately unsuccessful operation was done by another surgeon in San Diego so I ventured elsewhere). During my first visit with Dr Michel, I was convinced he was the only doctor that could help me with my eye. We scheduled the second visit to be the pterygium surgery in Oxnard. The surgery was a success. After now about 6 months there are no signs of recurrence. Dr Michel is such a humble doctor, it was very comfortable talking to him. He is very straightforward. With every visit he discussed and explained all of my options to ensure I was well informed during decision making time and aware of any side effects. It was worth every visit driving from San Diego to Oxnard/Newbury Park. The ophthalmologists in San Diego (at least the three I had experience with) were all very hesitant to treat pterygiums because of the high recurrence rate. Dr Michel, however, is more concerned with the patient’s quality of life (of course along with patient eye health) and with his proven track record and surgical techniques he attacked the pterygium head on. My right eye was chronically red and inflamed from the regrowth of the pterygium, I was always embarrassed to be in public. He considers each patient’s unique situation and does not just «go by the book». He assesses the condition and makes treatment decisions based on what he has seen work and also what the patient is comfortable with. I was so fortunate to have found Dr Michel. He is the ONLY doctor I would recommend and refer to pterygium patients. I will forever be grateful to Dr Michel and staff (the ladies at the practice are all so friendly, diligent and helpful).

Confíe su eliminación de pterigión al médico de pterigión más confiable en Los Ángeles y los Estados Unidos.

El médico pterigión más importante de Los Ángeles

Dr. Franz K. Michel - Oftalmólogo - Los Angeles

Dr. Franz K. Michel

Especialista en Pterigio
Oftalmólogo certificado por la junta
Especialista en córnea entrenado por UCLA
Compañero de la academia americana
de oftalmología

Franz Michel MD es un especialista en pterigión. También es un oftalmólogo certificado por la Junta, un especialista en córnea capacitado en UCLA y miembro de la Academia Americana de Oftalmología.

El Dr. Michel dirige una práctica de referencia de pterigión en Los Ángeles y el condado de Ventura, donde se le conoce como «El Rey del Pterigio».

El Dr. Michel habla español fluido y en el servicio de la comunidad Latina del Condado de los Ángeles y el Condado de Ventura en los últimos 10 años refinó su técnica de cirugía de pterigión hasta el punto de que crecen de nuevo menos del 1% de las veces. Se ha expandido para llevar su fantástica trayectoria de Pterigión a Los Ángeles en conjunción con el Dr. J. Lin de Sherman Oaks.

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Investigación y publicaciones

La base de conocimiento de pterigión

¿Podrían las gotas para los ojos arreglar un Pterigión?

Un pterigión, o carnosidades plurales, es un crecimiento excesivo en forma de ala de tejido conjuntival blanco que crece sobre la superficie de la córnea. Como uno de los roles de la córnea es proporcionar una superficie transparente para que la luz pase a través del...