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Eye Doctor’s #1 Referral Choice for Pterygium Surgery

The Pterygium Surgery Center
Los Angeles

We are specialists in the treatment and removal of Pterygium (Carnosidad, Surfer’s Eye) in addition to tumors of the ocular surface.

No sutures.
No recurrence guarantee.

#1 referred Pterygium surgeon in Los Angeles.

Pterygium Surgery Los Angeles

Pterygium Surgery

Artificial teardrops can help with Pterygium symptoms such as irritation but treating the cause by removing a Pterygium has helped countless people.

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Pterygium Surgery Recurrence Rates Less than 1%

Recurrence Rates < 1%

Dr. Michel’s recurrence rate is < 1% and has been for many years. It is extremely rare that Pterygium growths return with our excellent surgical techniques.

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Before & After Pterygium Removal Photo Gallery

Before & After Photo Gallery

See the results for yourself! Click to see how my patients eyes looked before Pterygium surgery and how they look now after surgery

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Get Rid of Your Pterygium Forever, with NO Recurrence

Dr. Franz Michel - Pterygium Removal Doctor - Los Angeles

Thousands of people in the United States suffer from a Pterygium (Carnosidad, Surfer’s Eye) growing on their eye. Although Pterygium growths are benign, the redness, irritation, pain, vision loss, or blindness they cause are not.

Dr. Michel has earned his reputation as “The King of the Pterygium” for good reason. No other doctor in the US can come close to his mastery of Pterygium surgery and his recurrence rate of < 1%.

If you, a loved one, or a friend suffer from a Pterygium, Dr. Michel will remove it without causing you pain, will not use sutures of any kind, and completely guarantees against Pterygium recurrence.

As the foremost trusted Pterygium doctor, patients who have had surgery elsewhere come to Dr. Michel when their Pterygium grows back.

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Trust your Pterygium removal to the most trusted Pterygium doctor in Los Angeles and the US

Los Angeles’ Foremost Pterygium Doctor

Dr. Franz K. Michel

Pterygium Specialist
Board-Certified Ophthalmologist
UCLA-Trained Cornea Specialist
Fellow of the American Academy
of Ophthalmology

Franz Michel MD is a Pterygium specialist. He is also a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist, UCLA-Trained Cornea Specialist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Michel runs a referral Pterygium practice in Los Angeles and Ventura County where he is referred to as “The King of the Pterygium.”

Dr. Michel speaks fluent Spanish and in serving the Latino community of Los Angeles County and Ventura County over the past 10 years he refined his Pterygium surgery technique to the point that they grow back less than 1% of the time. He has expanded to bring his fantastic track record to Los Angeles Pterygium in conjunction with Dr. J. Lin of Sherman Oaks.

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The Pterygium Knowledge Base

Could Eye Drops Fix a Pterygium?

Could Eye Drops Fix a Pterygium?

A pterygium, or plural pterygia, is a wing-shaped overgrowth of white conjunctival tissue that grows over the surface of the cornea. As one of the cornea’s roles is to provide a transparent surface for light to pass through the eye, the opaque nature of the pterygium...

The Myths of Pterygium Removal (Carnosidad) Surgery

The Myths of Pterygium Removal (Carnosidad) Surgery

A young man recently came to me with advanced Pterygium growths on his eyes.  He was terrified of surgery and the look of fear in his face was striking.  A close friend of his had the same Pterygium surgery years ago with another doctor and had a really hard time...